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All roads lead to Africa - EMRC

When it comes to new horizons for investment and entrepreneurial opportunities, all roads lead to Africa, according to EMRC - organisers of the Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2009. The event will be held from 13 - 15 December 2009 at the ABN AMRO Bank Headquarters, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

This positive shift means that certain territories are being pinpointed for potential development as their determination for change and new beginnings attracts mounting global attention. The growing commercial interest in Africa, stemming from international banks, multinationals and medium-sized enterprises based in Europe, America, India and China, only serves to confirm this impetus, says EMRC - further fuelling the growth in confidence of both African stakeholders and the curious onlookers.

EMRC believes that it is an exciting time for Africa, and that now is the time to join this momentum and play a part in ensuring that the development is sustainable - with the end goal of creating a better future for the African continent and its people.

“In the last few decades Africa's rich natural resources and raw materials have provided investment opportunities for foreign companies, particularly her metal, petroleum and diamonds. Today it is the continent with the largest quantity of unexploited arable land, where climatic conditions are perfect and water is sufficient. While the world is struggling with an ominous food shortage, Africa offers favourable circumstances for large-scale food production that could potentially resolve this - what is required is better equipment, the right technology, and the sharing of expertise through skills development and training. We believe Africa offers an ideal option for foreign investors and partners who are seeking out new, plentiful opportunities,” cites Idit Miller, managing director and vice president of EMRC.

EMRC aims to act as a catalyst for the promotion of economic and trade relations between the interested business leaders from around the world, and project owners and managers from Africa.

“We demonstrate and promote Africa's emergence as a key player and a viable choice for solid investments on the global economic stage through our annual forums (Africa Finance & Investment, Agribusiness Forum), our EMRC Project Incubator Award, Tailor-made Projects and our Economic Missions,” explains Miller.

The theme at the Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2009 (AFIF09) is Partnerships for Growth & Development. AFIF09 brings together entrepreneurs, financial institutions, development agencies and government officials to analyse investment and trade opportunities and discuss current trends and opportunities in Africa.

The Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2009 aims to ignite concrete business partnerships, foster dialogue and reinforce a united commitment to the sustainable economic development of the continent.

“It is only when the right partnerships occur that they persist,” says Miller.

In this regard, EMRC actively pursues the 8th objective of the Millennium Development Goals - “establish partnerships for development”.

“A good partnership everywhere in the world, and Africa is no exception, is when the parties consider the investment and benefit for each one of them, when we consider each other as equals and when we try to give and not only to take. It is therefore important that companies that stand to profit from Africa's natural wealth give back to it by way of social upliftment projects, particularly within the health and education sectors; but also by investing in Africa's economy through developing its industry and agriculture, in partnership with local entrepreneurs,” concludes Idit Miller.

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